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Intentional and accidental

Posted on: March 3, 2019

A news organisation might intentionally wish to teaching something, but it could accidentally help us learn something else.

ST tweet: Session shows how news can be a teaching tool.

The claims of just about any vendor to offer expertise or services in another domain should be greeted with caution. So if a newspaper — whose overall expertise should be reporting information — tells you how to teach with their product, you should be skeptical.

Information and ideas are not pedagogy. A newspaper organisation is entitled to sell subscriptions, but it should exercise caution in telling you how to teach with news articles. Teachers should hear from other teachers should how they leverage on news articles (or any other resource for that matter).

All that said, I learn from news headlines and articles, e.g., spotting grammatical and logical errors, evaluating bias in reporting, reading laterally, thinking critically, etc.

But I do not think that the newspaper values learning from accidents and mistakes.

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