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Words and numbers

Posted on: January 13, 2019

Late last year I made a screen shot of this odd headline.

Ambiguous headline.

The headline was ambiguous. It was meant to highlight how a youth turned his life around. Instead it could also mean that he needed to be chemically induced to help others.

Words matter. The choice of words and how you order them helps you mean what you say. If only headline writers could say what they mean.

Now consider this passive-aggressive app rating. It was a complaint about the app disguised as a five-star rating.

This is how NOT to write a review.

Such a review is counter-productive. The bean counters only care about what works in a spreadsheet. They will not process the qualitative feedback.

Numbers matter, too. Your choice of numbers is a cryptic summary of what you value. You let others in on the secret by your choice of words. The numbers and words should be congruent. If there are inconsistencies, you lose the trust of your readers.

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