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Some truth

Posted on: December 10, 2018

There is much truth in the message represented by the graphic embedded in the tweet below.

If I had to split hairs, I would point out that what anyone shares is information, not knowledge. Information only becomes knowledge only when it has been reprocessed and internalised. So it is information that is lost and it never becomes actionable knowledge.

But the fact remains that much of research conducted by academics does not reach its intended audience nor does it have the effect it should. That might be one of the reasons why one of the thoughts shared in the article below was for researchers to disseminate more widely and clearly.

The truth is out there. Some of it is hidden in academic speak and journals — this used to be the dominant but tedious way of sharing. Now some of that information is shared online more openly, freely, and simply.

The problem now is that there is so much information, misinformation, and disinformation. The sad truth is that we are still struggling to teach students how to solve that problem.

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