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ImageCodr in the balance?

Posted on: November 22, 2018

Earlier this month Flickr assured users that that it would not delete photos shared under Creative Commons licenses.

While that may be the case, the tools for seeking and using these images do not seem safe from changes that Flickr makes at the database level.

I use ImageCodr almost every day to find images to illustrate my blog entries. The search and attributing tool sputters and malfunctions with increasing regularity. After all, it is based on what Flickr allows it to do.

Yesterday I could only find a limited number of images to illustrate “stupidity”. None of them were clickable — they remained thumbnails that did not lead to larger images and HTML code. I could not embed a suitable image as a result.

So I resorted to looking for other tools and image sources. None were as simple or elegant as ImageCodr.

I worry about the tool I have been using for about a decade. In Internet time, that is forever.

Then again, nothing is forever when it is a free web tool. But as long as ImageCodr walks the tightrope of policy and time, I will keep using it.

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