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Targetted tinkering

Posted on: November 15, 2018

This tweet got me thinking about incorporating the process of tinkering into curriculum.

I am all for student-centred learning and tinkering is one of the best ways to independently explore and learning.

Such learning is often incidental and not purposeful, but that does not make it less valuable. It is possible to make the outcomes more tangible and intentional. Such a design looks like a purposeful “accident”.

When designed and implemented well, students do not realise they are learning nor do they feel burdened. This is because tinkering is an extension of their natural curiosity and their need to explore.

So what might the “secret sauce” for targetted tinkering? While some might entire entire workshop series on how to do this, I offer one key ingredient: Be the child. The design of successful targetted tinkering starts with empathy for the learner and how they learn.

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