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No geotagged photos

Posted on: November 4, 2018

In what seems like a previous life as a hiker and trekker, I was led by this adage:

Leave nothing but footprints
Take nothing but photos
Kill nothing but time

But the more I explored or led groups to the outdoors, the more I realised that even leaving footprints was harmful.

When people wander off track or create unsanctioned paths, they destroy the substrate. This is why some national parks install board walks — to minimise the harm.

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More recently, there seems to be a movement to strip geotags from photos. Unlike celluloid photos of old, digital photos contain metadata like shutter speed, aperture, and location.

So even “take nothing but photos” needs moderation. This is to prevent pristine locations from being invaded by Instagram hoards who care for like but spare no thought for the environment.

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