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Posted on: October 5, 2018

If cleanliness is next to godliness, then punctuality might just be angelic. That is my simple way of agreeing with John Green on the virtue of being punctual.

Video source

In the video above, Green rationalised punctuality as respecting other people’s time. After all, time is one of the few precious resources we can actually give to others. If we are late, we take that time without consideration.

This is why I am either early to appointments or exactly on time. Most of the time. I was late once recently.

I was late for a meeting about two weeks ago because of extended train delay. There was a track fault at rush hour, and since my meeting was just before noon, I thought it would be over. I was wrong.

I left home with a 40-minute buffer and had planned to bide my time at a coffee place before the meeting. However, my plans got shot down when the train ground to a halt and the driver announced a 5-minute delay. About a minute later, an automated message announced a 30-minute delay. Which was it?

It turned out to be neither because the train barely moved. I got out of the train as quickly as I could for alternative transport, but that too was slow because everyone else was doing the same thing.

Thankfully my meeting hosts were forgiving. It might have helped that I had met before and was early the. I was also prompt with email and keeping them updated.

I hate being late, but I did not feel guilty this time because the circumstances were beyond my control. Punctuality might be angelic, but devilish details conspired to make me late. Get thee behind me, time Satan.

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