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Video storytelling

Posted on: August 27, 2018

According to STonline, a session on video storytelling looks like this.

It cannot think outside the image of a sage on a stage telling others what to do. But telling and showing is not the same as tinkering and creating.

Perhaps there were more active elements during the workshop. However, the representative image did not illustrate such activities because whoever chose it did not know how else to showcase a workshop.

For me, one example of video storytelling looks like this.

Video source

What does a video of people dancing have to do with storytelling? Well, a lot more than a conventional class. Consider your answers to these questions.

What does the diversity of participants tell you about the story?

What does the fact that the choreographer and makers of the video barely feature in it mean?

Who is doing the actual dancing — video storytelling in your case — and trying, correcting, repeating, and changing?

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