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Testing times

Posted on: August 16, 2018

We live in testing times. Literally.

Tests and exams are a fact of life in school, so teachers have devised strategies like drill-and-practice to help their students cope over the short term.

Any strategy that helps students actually do better in tests is good, right? So how about creating some metacognitive awareness?

Video source

The video above highlights how students might procrastinate and sabotage themselves during test preparation. The psychology behind this is behavioural and claimed self-handicapping.

Why do learners sleep late, not study, or distract themselves even though their teachers might have taught them test-taking strategies?

According to the video, students anticipate failure or poor performance, and create an excuse in advance. This way they can blame something else other than ability.

Test-taking is stressful enough. Other than reassuring students than academic tests are a narrow measure of worth, parents and teachers should nurture student self-awareness as a metacognitive strategy.

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