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Troubleshooting iOS 11.4 issues

Posted on: July 12, 2018

I had only one major issue in iOS 11.4 and that was that the Continuity feature was inconsistent. I thought that the 11.4.1 update would help, but it only created more problems.

Continuity allowed me to share browser instances and clipboards between all iOS and Mac devices. This let me start doing one thing on one device and continue on another.

The system broke when I upgraded to iOS 11.4 because the browser instances would not sync between iOS devices even though the clipboards would.

I found out that I could try signing out of my Apple ID and signing back in to troubleshoot. I decided to wait for yesterday’s iOS 11.4.1 update, but that did not solve the problem.

So I signed out of my Apple ID and signed in again, and that solved the Continuity problem.

However, these actions created new problems: Now I have a heavier battery drain and my credit card in Apple Pay stopped working.

I added the same credit card to Apple Pay with the help of the iPhone camera. I was pleasantly surprised to see how iOS 11.4.1 intercepted the 2FA SMS and added the code for me.

Now I have to rely on an external battery pack even as I draft this reflection in iOS Notes. There is no solving the battery drain until the next update.

Three steps forward, two steps back. That seems to be the unofficial mantra of Apple updates.

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