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Passion points

Posted on: July 10, 2018

I hit the premium paywall when I tried to read this article. This is a newspaper learning from how academic journals operate: Create a walled garden within a walled garden.

Walled garden within a paywall.

I cannot read and critique the article, but I can make observations and ask questions.

How early is too early to spot or nurture student passion?

Does the stance imply that one should keep ignoring passion or put it off till later? How much later?

Are you assuming that talent, passion, or drive emerge later, or that they can be developed only at certain stages?

Might you be assuming that following a passion results in an over narrow field? What modern work, particularly the type that school does not prepare you for, does not require broad thinking, skills, and the constant need to learn?

Are we going to use this research as an excuse to keep schooling instead of actually educating?

I share some observations via image quotes I created over the last few years:

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. -- Mark Twain.

Education is what remains when one has forgotten what one has learned in school. -- Marvin Minsky

Schooling is about enculturation. Education is about self-actualisation.


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