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Still learning from Mewtwo raids

Posted on: May 16, 2018

I participated in my seventh exclusive invitation raid of Mewtwo (Ex-Raid) in Pokémon Go (PoGo). I am still learning something about myself and the game.

Since my last invitation, I hit Level 40 (the current maximum limit) of the game. I took on the challenge of reviving my son’s languishing account and managed to score Ex-Raids for both our accounts.

As might be apparent from my previous reflections or from actual participation in Ex Raids, these special 45-minute events are social ones. Prior to the raid, I found out who else around me was invited. One person who was also invited suggested that I break my pattern and try a four or five-person Ex-Raid instead of the usual eight to ten person groupings. I was tempted because this would have been a new challenge.

However, I rejected that idea because I take the lead in organising groups. I like meeting new people and subtly imparting values to those I meet.

For example, I remind those with me that we battle together, and should someone’s game hang or device malfunction, all of us agree to step out of the gym into the lobby to wait for that person.

It does not occur to some people that this needs to be said and done. I make a value system concrete by articulating it and enforcing it.

While this might seem unnecessary — and we do not often have to do this — I find that the people in my group appreciate the gesture as well as the encouragement we give to one another. I know because of the thanks I receive after we are done battling and catching Mewtwo.

I rejected the idea of trying a new challenge that might benefit me without all this going through my mind before I said no. I relied on instinct then and have the benefit of hindsight now. This is the importance of being reflective, be it game-play or teaching.

Comparing first Mewtwo CPs: Mine on the left, my son's on the right.
A side note: My seventh Ex-Raid was also the first on my son’s account. Coincidentally, the CP of my son’s first Mewtwo was almost the same as my first one in January.

The CPs of the Mewtwos I have caught seem to drop over time after the initial high. I wonder if this will happen with my son’s account. Here is hoping that the trend bucks and that we get higher CP Mewtwos on both accounts!

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