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Use Facebook like a passport

Posted on: March 31, 2018

The aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandals are online movements like #deletefacebook.

As much as I dislike that platform, this is not something that most people will do. For them, Facebook is a necessity for remaining in touch with people socially and professionally. They are not going to #deletefacebook.

However, it they do not do not take reasonable action, they risk their data being misused or abused. Facebook has long evolved. We are not users of the product; we are the product.

Under pressure, Facebook will tighten privacy controls. But it will still use our data. The issue is not IF it uses our data — it has to — but HOW it uses our data.

We have some control on how Facebook uses are data. Every time we read and write in Facebook, we provide data. The permissions we give Facebook guarantee its use.

I suggest we do not give away so much so that we open ourselves to abuse. By way of analogy, it is one thing to let people know your home address and it is another to let them know the code to your gate and door.

Periodically I do personal data security and privacy check-ups. At the moment this is a manual plow-through process in Facebook.

I also do not post anything in Facebook or allow too many mentioned postings. My last Facebook posting was in May 2015 where I said that I “avoid Facebook like it is the plague”. My last allowed mention was in April 2016.

I might start using Firefox for reading community postings in Facebook to prevent data leaks.

I choose to use Facebook like a passport. Like international travel, it is a form of identity, but I only use it when necessary. It is not my default or go-to, so I do not use Facebook credentials to log in to other online services.

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