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How to make yourself irrelevant

Posted on: March 10, 2018

Here is some context for my reflection today: @davidhogg111 was a survivor of the school shooting in Florida and an emergent spokesperson and leader in the days that followed.

I read this tweet and immediately thought about how some teachers are on the warpath to make themselves irrelevant. Warning: Strong language ahead.

In case it is not obvious how to make yourself irrelevant, here are three top “tips”:

  1. Refuse to listen
  2. Refuse to learn
  3. Refuse to enact change

Teachers need to do the exact opposite in order to stay relevant. They need to unlearn old or unquestioned beliefs like learning styles by listening to myth busting research. They need to learn and embrace better frameworks like multimodal instruction and meaningful learning. They need to make concrete changes in their lesson plans, pedagogy, and assessment.

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