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You can’t unsaw a tree…

Posted on: March 9, 2018

Author John Green is a consummate storyteller. In the YouTube video below, he tells the real life story of the Broccoli Tree.

Video source

Spoiler ahead.

The shared beauty of the tree now only lives in calendars and an Instagram account. The tree had to be cut down when vandals sawed into it and the whole tree had to be destroyed in the name of public safety.

Green’s words on this loss were poignant:

To share something is to risk losing it, especially in a world where sharing occurs at tremendous scale… If we hoard and hide what we love, we can still lose it, only then we are alone in the loss.

You can’t unsaw a tree, but you can’t unsee one either. The Broccoli Tree is gone, but its beauty survives.

This inspires me to keep sharing even though I do not create anything as beautiful or as profound as the Broccoli Tree. On a smaller scale, I know my work reaches and teaches others.

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