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Yearly reminders

Posted on: February 16, 2018

I am thankful that LNY reunion dinners take place once a year. Let me qualify that statement: I am thankful they take place ONLY once a year.

I could elaborate on some things not to like about them, e.g., the unsolicited advice, the borderline (or outright) insulting comments, inane conversations that go nowhere, etc. I am sure some people can relate, so I will not say more.

But here is something that only a minority might identify with — thanks to food allergies and being left-handed, I cannot enjoy the food.

When I was younger, I recall battling servers who would move my chopsticks back to the right side after I placed them on the left. I also battled elbows with the right-hander seated to my left as we ate.

I still battle right-handers seated to my left, but servers are not as passive-aggressive today. They are look at me in a funny way… like I was a three-legged puppy, for instance.

Now all this is assuming that I get to eat because I get ill if I consume molluscs or crustaceans. Every year I get reminded how I am such a “poor thing”. Every year I forget to eat my dinner before dinner so that I am not starving after a four-hour meal.

I am reminded at this time of year that I am different. I do not mind being different except that others sometimes have a problem with that. It is as if I chose not to be right-handed and deliberately became allergic to some food.

These yearly reminders are unpleasant because they are put on display. These reminders of being different are not for celebration and not to be celebrated.

But I am happy to be different, as everyone should be. That is what makes each of us special and what provides some value to the rest.

I am happy to provide alternative or even unpopular points of view in the broad field of educational technology. I know that my perspective is valuable and I can back up what I say.

I hit from left field and I am allergic to the ignorant, the inane, and the inertia.

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