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Better 3Rs protection

Posted on: February 6, 2018

I appreciate why the press wants parents to be armed with strategies to protect their children from fake news.

While schools might have “cyberwellness” programmes, you need only evaluate tween and teenager eye roll responses to know how relevant and effective these are. So what happens outside of school — where technology use is more prevalent and authentic — is not optional:

Fake news distorts their developing sense of right and wrong by normalising behaviour that they likely see as radical or inappropriate.

Arming children with strategies to detect and deal with fake news should be part of a new set of three Rs: Reading, researching, and reflecting.

The article provides good tips how to read and research (it calls this checking), but these alone are not enough.

To internalise and cement reading and research skills, learners need to be taught how to reflect during and after the reading and researching. This is where the critical thinking develops.

We do not learn from experiences. We learn from reflecting on experiences. -- John Dewey

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