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Make it right

Posted on: January 30, 2018

I am all for maker movements provided they or the press do not oversell them or spread popular fallacies.

This tweet claims that students have and need a space to make.

If you need a specific space to “get creative”, you are teaching the wrong value system. I would argue that you get the most creative stress when you do not actually have a special space and resources.

A reserved “maker space” also silos the content and the so-called 21st century competencies (21cc) from the rest of the curriculum. Making should be integrated, not set apart and sold like a public relations tool.

Speaking of 21CC, the press still sells communication and collaboration as 21st century. This make me wonder how the other centuries got by without them.

No, making should not be special nor it is uniquely 21st century. Focusing on such messaging distracts from its core — learning by doing, asking, failing, and trying again.

Refuse to be confused.

1 Response to "Make it right"

E Tan: I think having a makerspace room helps as it gives students an opportunity to turn their thoughts into actual products. besides they need to test their products to see if their ideas are feasible. via


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