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Older, wiser?

Posted on: January 23, 2018

As I marked another milestone in life yesterday, I reflected on the adage often thrown at people my age — older and wiser.

I disagree. We all know lots of stubborn old fools. A few even get to be presidents of countries.

No, you are wise only if you meet at least these criteria:

  • You must articulate some information clearly and convincingly.
  • Then you must share widely enough for some people to read, listen to, watch, or otherwise process it.
  • Finally, those people have to respond to it and you need to reflect on what they say.

Only then might you be wiser.

So that said, age is immaterial. There are lots of youthful folk creating, communicating, and critiquing ideas on social media. The wise thing for older folk to do is embrace at least one of these platforms to learn and share.

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