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Not a resolution

Posted on: December 30, 2017

I do not make new year resolutions and I am not about to start.

This tweet explains why most people cannot keep their resolutions. It is the human condition.

Some self-improvement gurus might say that keeping resolutions is about being realistic and specific. “Exercise more” is vague while “Complete the half-marathon in September in X amount of time” is specific.

But even that does not mean that you will keep that resolution.

There is making resolutions and then there is having the resolve to make a difference. Resolve lies not words but in action.

You should be able to sense change and respond to it logically or bravely at any time, not just unrealistically in advance and without context.

I resolve not to make resolutions that do not matter or will not work. I am just going to do what a clear conscience tells me needs to be done.

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