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Bite-sized lesson 8: Evaluation

Posted on: December 6, 2017

I am recreating some of my favourite image quotes I created some time ago. This time I use Pablo by Buffer and indicate attribution and CC license.

Tomorrow's educational progress cannot be determined by yesterday's successful performance.

I like this quote because it addresses how academic progress is often measured largely or even solely by paper-based tests. Such tests are yesterday’s measure and they are relatively easy to prepare for and score in.

Today’s educational progress and successful performance has higher order demands and outcomes. Consider soft skillsets like communication and collaboration; factor in literacies digital and scientific; think about metacognition and value systems.

We cannot test those things; they must be experienced, performed, and reflected on. We need to be designing and implementing performative evaluations and e-portfolios. We need to get learners to constantly create, not just consume.

Note: I am on vacation with my family. However, I am keeping up my blog-reflection-a-day habit by scheduling a thought a day. I hope this shows that reflections do not have to be arduous to provoke thought or seed learning.

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