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Bite-sized lesson 1: Reflection

Posted on: November 29, 2017

I am on vacation with my family. However, I am keeping up my blog-reflection-a-day habit by scheduling a thought a day. I hope this shows that reflections do not have to be arduous to provoke thought or seed learning.

I am recreating some of my favourite image quotes I created some time ago. This time I use Pablo by Buffer and indicate attribution and CC license.

We do not learn from experiences. We learn from reflecting on experiences. -- John Dewey.

Dewey did not mean that experiences do not lead to any learning. Instead he probably meant that we often get caught up in the processes or the moment or the excitement, and forget to ask ourselves what the takeaways are.

Slowing down and rising above the blooming, buzzing mess is what leads to meaningful and deep learning.

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