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Let’s get personal… learning

Posted on: October 24, 2017

Last month I read an article titled, What Personalized Learning Is Not.

Other than our regional difference in spelling of “personalise”, I fully agree with the author that personalised learning is not:

  • Curating a list of fixed choices for students
  • Creating an individual learning plan for each student
  • Simply allowing students to use technology blindly
  • A neat concept or practice

The first three are important messages or reminders to teachers. The last is a warning to administrators and vendors.

Personalised learning does not come in neat packages from edtech vendors. It is not a policy document you can write from an ivory tower.

For some insights into the complexity of just defining what “personalised learning” is, read the 15 dimensions that this group came up with. There is no need to reinvent this wheel. Certainly do not simplify and misrepresent it.

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