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“I do not care”

Posted on: October 20, 2017

Picture a difficult student or an indifferent teacher. What is worse coming from both is not “I have done my part” or “I do not know”; it is “I do not care”.

“I have done my part” and “I do not know” often stem from ignorance. This can be remedied with teaching, modelling, mentoring, coaching, practice, and monitoring.

“I do not care” comes from a place of willful ignorance. Learners might be made aware of a harmful mindset or behaviour, but they choose not to change.

It is easy enough to school the “I have done my part” and “I do not know” learner. But the “I do not care” individuals need a sustained and long-term education.

This sort of education is not always pleasant. It requires the unlearning of old and bad habits and the learning of new ones.

I like to think of the process as smashing glassware, melting the shards, and shaping the sludge into something new. The process is hot, sweaty, and requires much experience and skill.

You can teach an old dog new tricks. Just remember that it is tough on the dog and the trainer.


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