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Show, don’t just tell

Posted on: July 18, 2017

It is easy to tell people what to do, especially if you think the advice is for their own good. But your perspective may not be a shared one.

This is because people often cannot see themselves from someone else’s perspective.

So why don’t we show them instead of just telling them?

The show does not have to rely only on shock value because an initial overload easily becomes the norm with enough repetition. Then your target becomes numb.

Video source

Better to strike the funny bone first and then the thoughtful one, just like the video PSA above on not texting while driving.

One application of this idea in education is that videos should not just replicate what a textbook or teacher should do. Substituting one medium for another is rarely effective.

In this case, the medium alone is not the message nor is it the strategy. The video should not be used just to enthral or to mix things up. It should deliver a message in a way that neither textbook nor teacher can. After that, the teacher can get learners to tell after the show.

So show, don’t just tell. Then tell, don’t just show.

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