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The promises of AR? (Part 2)

Posted on: June 30, 2017

This is an unplanned followup to my reflection on the broken promises of AR. Shortly after I shared those thoughts online, I read about an AR measuring tape and an Airbnb concept, both using Apple’s ARKit.

Video source

At the moment I question the utility of the AR measuring tape. It is switching one tool for another and the new tool may not be accurate to begin with.

On the other hand, the AR tour of a rented room is promising given that it is designed to provide short introductions and self-help tutorials.

I also read an article by Learning Solutions, Mixed Reality Coming At You. The article provided more examples of work-related applications of AR, but warned:

These are powerful new technologies, and easily abused. Their novelty and trendiness can elevate the profile of mediocre ideas without actually improving them.

I will be more direct by cutting the baloney. Just because you can to something with AR does not mean you should.

I am all for tinkering or providing proof-of-concept, but it should be worthwhile and meaningful in contexts like education, work, and entertainment. Doing otherwise not only wastes time, energy, and resources, it also reinforces doing the same thing differently and disillusions users.

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