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What I hear you mean when you say…

Posted on: June 22, 2017

Baby steps. What you might mean is to try something new cautiously and slowly.

“Baby steps” is what a baby learning how to walk looks like, but that is not how a baby actually learns. A baby learns by doing, failing, and trying again.

It might get hurt, but that is part of the learning. It might be encouraged to walk by someone else, but a normal and healthy baby often does this naturally.

So if you say “baby steps”, I expect you to be brave and do what is necessary. Doing things too carefully and painfully slow are not necessarily strategies to learn something new. They are ways to stop learning because you are too worried, too cautious, or too slow to change.

Agree to disagree. What you might mean is that everyone has his or her opinions and that is fine.

No, it is not, particularly if you are just giving up on thinking differently or not trying a new perspective. This is defeatist and dismissive at the same time.

Saying that we should “agree to disagree” is to not come to a resolution or a reasonable compromise. This is the same as standing still like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand. Ignoring issues is not going to make them go away.

You should take brave baby steps to resolve disagreements. Agree?

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