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“Smart” pills, dumb move

Posted on: June 21, 2017

What drives otherwise normal and healthy students to buy pills that claim to help them with “last minute cramming”? The chase for good grades.

That is according to this ST article. The same article provided the names of the pills, how much they cost, and how to get them. If more students and parents did not already know about them, they do now.

What the pill poppers are blind to is the short-term and temporary benefits of the pills and their long-term health risks like “heart problems, severe rashes, headaches, irritability, difficulty in breathing and insomnia”. Furthermore, possessing such pills without a valid condition and prescription of controlled substances is also against the law.

The alternative is not to take shortcuts. As Denise Phua, head of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Education, pointed out:

It is smarter to stick to natural strategies such as having enough sleep, healthy food, lots of physical exercise and adopting good study skills – strategies that are all tested and backed by research.

Those strategies smarter in the long run. But as long as we provide conditions for short sprints, some people will take shortcuts.

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