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Vilifying “netizen”

Posted on: June 6, 2017

When did “netizen” become derogatory?

It seems that every time an idiot does what comes naturally, the press will label that person a “netizen” if the act was plastered on social media. Take the latest “netizen” for instance.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary has a neutral definition of netizen: An active participant in the online community of the Internet.

But from the tone and reporting of the event, the newspaper seemed to vilify the person or medium or both. Was this really necessary?

The offensive comments the idiot in question posted were online. The crime he was arrested for was shoplifting. In order to make the article juicy, the newspaper put the two together even though the two acts were not connected.

I do not condone what the shoplifter and online troll did on separate occasions. I also do not appreciate a newspaper trying to paint an arsehole any more brown.

Is the paper going to describe a pervy old man ogling school children at a bus stop as a newspaper-reading uncle next? If not, there is no need to lump criminals and netizens in the same category.


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