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What is expertise?

Posted on: May 7, 2017

Ask just five different people to define “expertise” and you are likely to get five different answers.

If you asked me, I would say that a practised expert is one who has made the most mistakes, learnt from them, and is able to share wisdoms from learning from mistakes.

After I watched this YouTube video, I have another perspective on what it means to be an expert.

Video source

One thing that Andrew Huang is known for is making music with normally non-musical objects.

In recreating the song from the movie Moana he had to see both the broad piece and devil in the details. He was able to deconstruct the important constituent parts of the whole while not losing sight of the latter. This might seem obvious when one appreciates the final product.

However, one only needs to imagine how difficult the task is by taking the perspective of the designer and creator of the overall piece. Huang makes the work look easy when it is not.

So my other perspective on expertise is this: It is the ability to zoom in and out at details and the overall picture so that one can deal with both.

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