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Fevered pitch

Posted on: May 6, 2017

I tweeted this yesterday because I have been reflecting in my blog while bed-ridden with a fever.

I was not exaggerating or taking creative license when I said that thinking and typing hurt. A hot head, sensitive scalp, and headache made it hard to think. My achy joints helped me empathise with someone with arthritis.

Looking at my daily entries from this week alone, I realise how my fevered pitches were riddled with construction errors and logical gaps. I have tried correcting what I could find, but I am sure that some persist.

So have I learnt not to blog when I am ill? No. The only time I stopped blogging was when I was hospitalised briefly in 2014. Then I did not have my tools or my wits about me.

Reading and openly reflecting is a discipline I have developed over the years. It should take a lot more than a fever to prevent me from doing this.

Not that I wish to tempt fate. I am perfectly fine with the universe leaving me to muddle about with my mundane thoughts.

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