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Not biting the hand that feeds

Posted on: March 17, 2017

Warning: If you are an old-school academic or have aspirations to be one, or if you have an irrational love for books, read no further. Your feelings may get hurt or your ego might take a hit.

If you do not appreciate irony or do not have a modicum of humour, do not scroll down. Your frown will not turn upside down.

I tweeted this last month. I elaborated on the tweet.

The book (as in printed on dead trees) arrived by mail (as in snail).

Book cover.

Do I appreciate getting a copy of the book three years after I left the organisation? Definitely.

Do I also appreciate the irony that the topic was plastered on a dead medium and took so long to produce? Even more so.

Had I completely forgotten about it? Of course. Three years might be on par for writing, editing, and publishing a book. It is also long enough for some content to be out of date.

The book might be titled “Teacher Education in the 21st Century”, but it is cocooned in a decidedly 15th century process.

The need to publish in this form and manner is also a university relic because people with doctorates living in ivory towers are still outdone by people with eyes for opportunity and tongues of silver.

The book has a hardcover that makes a hollow sound when you knock on it. It is the same hollow sound your audience hears when your message is empty because it does not quite connect with the times.

Lest I be accused of biting the hand that feeds me, I remind my curious readers that I bit off the leash in 2014. It does not take me three years to share even older information. I can do it in three minutes. Or less.


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