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Are you positive?

Posted on: February 9, 2017

After reading this tweet and visiting the embedded link, I wondered: What exactly is using Internet and mobile technologies positively?

The linked website provides some insights, but I am still have questions like:

  • Why is “cyberwellness” still the term of choice?
  • Why are “screen time” and “device-free leisure activities” still the norm?
  • Is rocking the boat for progressive change is considered positive?

I am positive that digital citizenship, literacy and fluency is the way to go over cyber-anything.

I am positive that screen time is an uncritical catchall phrase.

I am positive that looking back all the time while trying to move forward leads to missteps and falling flat on your face.

I am positive. So positive that I share select image quotes I made over the last few years.

To leave a better planet for our kids, we need to leave better kids for our planet.

Change matters.

Doing things differently does not always mean doing things better. But doing things better always means doing things differently. -- Hank McKinnell (Former CEO of Pfizer)

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