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Posted on: February 6, 2017

Did you ever consider how beer could be used to spread the message of the importance of diversity? Now that would be drinking responsibly!

Video source

Molson, a Canadian beer brand, did just that.

The video also had a hotspot link to a making-of video to reveal ideas and processes behind the product. HAD. The link did not work when I tried it because it is either offline or private.

This is a shame because such videos provide insights into how great ideas are born and nurtured. They make design thinking real.

Thankfully there is a behind-the-scenes video of an earlier project that involved the scanning of passports. But it leaves you wanting more. More insights, not more beer.

Video source

All that said, such videos are not just educationally useful for illustrating process and product, they are critical as 2017 starts with so much attention on closing borders, clamping up, and shutting down progress.

The first video shows how different people can work together and then enjoy the fruits of their labour. The second shows a bit of the nitty-gritty to make that happen.

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