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Judgement call

Posted on: February 5, 2017

The Minister’s intention might have been a call to replace negative and old mindsets with positive and more current ones.

But as mrbrown tweeted, the “positive” parent was not that much more progressive either. After all, who are we to judge the worth of a person or their work?

Studying is important, but academic ability is not the only thing that will “make a better world”. There is no curriculum, GCE exam, or PISA test for passion, empathy, drive, charisma, etc. So how do we know if we have enough of these qualities?

I suggest some missing signs that hint at changes in our collective mindset:

  • When papers do not laud exam results and make year-on-year rankings
  • When the same papers do not focus on our PISA or university rankings
  • When enrichment and formulaic tuition centres close down
  • When parents stop asking inane questions about what counts for grades
  • When kiasuparentsDOTcom is accessible only on way back machine

In other words, it will be a long time yet since generations have not been weaned of Singapore schooling and being kiasu is still as staple as rice.

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