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Not better late than never

Posted on: January 27, 2017

If something unusual happens once, it might be nothing. If the same thing happens again, it could be the start of a pattern.

I ordered something from Lazada last December. I received a text message from the courier that the item was going to be delivered before the online store sent its notification that the item had been shipped. In fact, I received the Lazada notification only after the parcel arrived at my doorstep.

Late SMS notification from Lazada.

What was unusual was that the Lazada system should have known first since it processed the sale and shipment, but it seemed to sit on that information. Its partner courier moved much more quickly.

A similar thing happened to me earlier this week except that I received the courier notification and received the package on Monday, and I received the Lazada notification on Thursday.

Why should this matter since I received what I paid for? It is worrying because the online sale system does not seem to send notifications in a logical and timely fashion.

This is like being told that you need to sit for an exam, but you have already taken the exam and received the results because you find out some other way.

In both cases, you have to ask: What is going on?

If you do not, you might just say that it is better to get a late notification than not at all. But that would be ignoring the problem.

The best defense against bullshit is vigilance. So if you smell something, say something. -- Jon Stewart.

If you see something, say something. That is the refrain in an age where we need to be vigilant. This should apply to practices in the schooling and education arenas too.

I take this watchdog role seriously. Over the last two days I wondered out loud if some people were sharing harmful learning theories and downplaying the importance of evaluation. I have critiqued flipped classrooms and I warn educators to be careful about poorly conceived gamification and vendors who have no business being in the education business.

I will bark to raise the alarm because I do not believe in better late than never. Late may be too late to do anything.


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