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Ignoring politely, still listening

Posted on: January 21, 2017

I am adopting a different strategy in 2017.

Despite telling people that I do not work for free and revising my Contact page to remind people of this, I still get messages along these lines.

I am going to ignore them.

I used to reply promptly to every query or message because that seemed to be the right thing to do. That may be, but it is not the good thing to do in the long run. This does not change the behaviours of suitors and I cannot live off good will.

If I get a sense that the agencies that approach me will not change their ways, I will ignore their approaches politely. By this I mean that I will not reply with a firm tone or a scathing response. No news is good news.

Might such a move burn bridges even before they are built? It might.

Will doing this not teach such people a valuable lesson? Not really. Not when they are not looking to be taught such a lesson.

I have given far too much time, spent way too much effort, and been burnt too many times. So my approach will be to speak loudly with silence.

Those reflective enough and willing enough to change will wonder why, and start a different line of conversation. I may ignore, but I am still listening.

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