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Blurring the lines

Posted on: December 17, 2016

When does a game stop being a movie and vice versa? That was the question that many gamers and observers asked when the The Last Of Us was released.

That question remains unanswered with the trailer for The Last Of Us 2.

Video source

Teens from the Fine Bros series reacted to the trailer and were suitably impressed and were raring to play the next iteration.

Video source

What is the big deal? You will need to watch this 20-part teens react to gaming series.

Video playlist

I watched this series play out all of last year and was taken by the storyline and the gamers’ reactions.

Again, when does a game stop being a movie and vice versa? Not just in the design of the game, but also in that of the trailer?

This is a good blurring of the lines because the audience members become participants and can interact by making choices. This seems like a natural extension enabled by technology.

I wonder how comfortable people would be if the same happened with gaming and education. I am not referring to the oft misunderstood “gamification” of teaching. I am thinking about the evolution of actual game-based learning. This should also be anatural extension of what we do as enabled by technology.

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