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Posted on: December 15, 2016

We do not have winter in Singapore so the locals might not relate to this video. And no, visiting a snowy place to play in the powder or ski down some slopes is not the same as living there.

Video source

However, you should be able to relate to the frustration this videographer had. He decided to record his conversations and arguments with cable workers because they could not see — and perhaps refused to see — what he could.

The workers were doing their jobs and they took the safety precautions as prescribed by policy. But these were not enough to prevent road accidents.

The videographer realised that there were not enough warning cones and provided some of his own, but this still did not stop accidents from happening. His appeals to the cable workers went unheeded.

It is easy to just keep your head down and do your work. It is more difficult to look up and take action.

If you are the receiver of information that you might not like, it is difficult to admit you are wrong. If you are the giver of that information, it is frustrating to be ignored.

Sometimes an outsider looking in can offer perspectives we cannot see because we are too close to the work or refuse to acknowledge that something is wrong. We do this to our detriment.

Sometimes the impact of what we choose to ignore is immediately obvious. Unfortunately, other times the impact is felt only years after.

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