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A mirror unto ourselves

Posted on: November 27, 2016

Thanks to this tweet, I read and reflected on a response to the click-and-comment bait article, With her son’s PSLE results in hand, milestone reached for co-founder.

My response is this: All of us responded with support or attack, for the son or on the mother respectively, simply because the story is not isolated.

We responded because the story is a magnifying mirror that highlights an ugly spot we would rather cover up or not see.

But it is plain to see and we are right to judge because we are bringing up what we do not like about ourselves.

Yes, the mother loves her son. But there are different ways to show it. Some say there are 50 shades of showing it. (Oh wait, that is something else!)

Some ways help, other ways hurt. Some ways perpetuate the type of schooling and parenting we would rather not subject our children to. If we do, they will learn from us and teach that to their children. In the PSLE of life, we an F grade for that and there is no alternative pathway.

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