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Rush jobs

Posted on: November 22, 2016

Any request I get that does not have a three to six month runway is a rush job.

I generally do not like or take rush jobs as a consultant. I might make exceptions when I have worked with the requester before or if my clients realise that such efforts cost more.

Rush jobs mean that the administration before starting the preparation for any consulting gig must happen fast. This rarely happens smoothly and invites mistakes.

Preparation time is also reduced with a rush job. I like to read, write, stew, and reflect. It shows when it is time to perform.

Video source

The video above illustrates what a rush job is NOT. There is a lot of hard work, collaboration, and satisfaction.

There can be many reasons for a rush job. Very few are good ones. A rush job could be a result of poor planning, a lack of foresight, unsteady leadership, etc.

The folks I work with might defend rush jobs because that might be their view of reality. I disagree. I say you can change that reality. Just like how an unhealthy person might change his/her diet and start exercising, such a change takes discipline and hard work.

But my job is not to judge. The rush jobs are an opportunity to try new things, learn on the run, and present the best face possible for all parties.

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