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Disrupting rhetoric

Posted on: October 28, 2016

I was tickled by this piece by Martin Weller, Let’s think inside the box. In it he challenged the assumptions behind the rhetoric to disrupt university education.

I do not agree fully that universities need to operate inside the box because that ignores some very real problems, e.g., research taking precedence over teaching, research benefitting journal publishers and little else, lecturing being the dominant form of teaching.

Weller’s piece reminded me of an image quote I created a while ago.

Do not ask questions you do not want answers to.

Weller’s perspective might very well be: Do not say disrupt if you do not want to deal with the consequences. Now that is something I would stand behind and work toward. The rhetoric might pluck at heartstrings and create cognitive buy-in. But change rides on the backs of those applying the elbow grease.

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