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Posted on: September 22, 2016

I spotted this while trying to find a cafe in Tiong Bahru.

Thoughtful Innovations for Thoughtful Experiences.

The tagline “Thoughtful Innovations for Thoughtful Experiences” was on the wall of what looked like a condominium construction site. I had to take the photo from the side as someone thoughtlessly left scaffolding in front of the word “experiences”.

It was an unusual slogan for a construction site. I would have expected to see it on the website or wall of a teaching and learning centre of a university, an edtech startup, a progressively-missioned school, or even our own Ministry of Education.

Even though the phrase was not suitable for a construction site, it was suitable for reflection. For example, when providing conditions for learning:

  • Who or what are our innovations for?
  • How thoughtful are our innovations? How well researched are they?
  • How much do we identify with the problems and perspectives of learners?

I doubt that the construction workers think about the tagline as they sweat under our sun. But if we see ourselves as progressive educators, “Thoughtful Innovations for Thoughtful Experiences” could be a mantra to remind ourselves of what is important.

Addendum: I found out that this choice phrase was used in a publication that looked back at 50 years of construction in Singapore. It was attributed to Tan Swee Yiow.

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