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Happy Teachers’ Day 2016

Posted on: September 2, 2016

Today in Singapore, teachers in mainstream schools get a day off because it is Teachers’ Day.

Since the teachers are not going to step into their classrooms, students enjoy a day off too. That is their reward for showering their teachers with “thank you” cards and gifts.

Video source

I wonder if, instead of a card, how many students made videos for their teachers. Videos like the one above.

If you cannot remember why it is important to thank a teacher, here is a reminder.

Video source

Sidenote 1:

Sidenote 2: I will be facilitating lessons on Teacher’s Day because universities do not seem to have teachers. They have a few educators (and yes, there are differences between the two). There are lots of lecturers, too. Perhaps that is why Teachers’ Day is not celebrated in this context.

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