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Lickitung lessons

Posted on: August 29, 2016

One of my son’s favourite Pokémons is Lickitung. So when one hatched from a Pokémon Go egg, I decided to make an animated GIF of it (it needs to move for you to get the full effect).

Lickitung animated GIF.

But how did I create the GIF given that the Pokémon Go app does not have an export function?

There are many options and this is what I did. First, display and capture the animation, then convert the animation to a GIF.

To display and capture, I mirrored my iPhone with AirServer on my Mac. I used AirServer to capture a few seconds of the movement as a MOV file.

To convert the MOV to a GIF I Googled “mov to gif” and found several online tools. I tried five tools and settled on because it did not ask for email information, request to link to Dropbox or Google Drive, or change browser settings. It also had powerful image editing features like cropping, splitting, and overlaying.

The lesson is not about Lickitung, as cute and as disturbing as this Pokémon might be. This is also not about promoting the tools I used. The lessons are:

  • Learning by doing
  • Learning just-in-time
  • Using tools that respect your privacy
  • Openly sharing what you learn
  • Using a memorable hook

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