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Schooling one’s identity

Posted on: August 20, 2016

This tweet might include one of the least offensive and slightly humorous uses of Joseph Schooling’s now famous name.

Here are a few descriptions of bittersweet uses and abuses of the newfound fame of Singapore’s first Olympic gold winner:

Those articles say it better than I can. They also hint at the importance of how Schooling might need to manage the marketing efforts so that his name is not dragged through the mud.

Some name dropping was tongue-in-cheek. Some was worthy of eye-rolls. Some wanted Schooling’s reflected glory or to put themselves in the spotlight for publicity.

The use or misuse of our names and identities can happen to anyone.

The non-Olympians and ordinary rest-of-us need to manage our identities as well. Why? Consider these questions:

  • If you Google yourself, what do you find?
  • If you do not find relevant information about yourself, how do you stay relevant today and tomorrow?
  • If you find information about yourself, does it represent you the way you wish?
  • If you find information that does not represent you or is harmful to you, why did that happen and what do you do?

School is not likely to help you find answers to these questions in meaningful ways because it operates in its own bubble. You will need to find out for yourself just as Schooling will need to school, no, make that educate himself, too.

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