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Keeping tabs

Posted on: August 13, 2016


I pin tabs in Chrome because the pinned sites reflect who I am and the work I do.

My first tab is to Gmail. This is my longer form and more official communication channel after I get initial messages via SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, Hangouts, etc.

The second tab is Google Calendar. When someone makes an appointment, I set aside some quality time in my calendar. It helps me stay organised and pings me with reminders.

My third pinned tab is a recent tool, Google Keep. I keep reminders and to-do lists there. If I was an assassin, I would have a to-kill list there.

Just kidding, I would use a password-protected Apple Notes tab for that for security. I have this extra pinned tab in my Chromebook because everything else I have is macOS or iOS, and Notes is available as a standalone app on those platforms.

My next tab is Evernote. The company that made Evernote recently limited the app version to just two devices with free accounts, so I only use the app on my iPhone and iPad. All my other devices depend on the web version. I have this tab open right now because I draft blog entries in Evernote instead of WordPress.

The next two tabs are for information-gathering, reading, and sharing. I have Feedly (to manage and update my RSS subscriptions) and Tweetdeck (for Twitter streams). Currently I estimate that I process 300 articles via Feedly and at least 1000 tweets every day. I do not read every article and link because not everything is relevant or important. However, doing this helps me keep my finger on the pulse on what is important to me.

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