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Outsourced National Day song?

Posted on: August 9, 2016

It is Singapore’s National Day today. We are a youthful 51-years-old!

Every few years there are official attempts to come up with new national songs. However, we cannot seem to recreate the conditions of the 80s that led to the boom in catchy national ditties.

That, or we are collectively becoming old farts who only appreciate the old sounds and smells from “back in our day”.

Video source

But all is not lost. There are lots of creative people here. While the official agencies go for flops, the private sector, like StarHub, and independent agencies create videos like the ones above and below.

Video source

Video source

StarHub’s home run this year was its second in a row. Last year it inspired with Home by Homes.

Video source

I had the good fortune of meeting the agency behind both Majulah Moms and Home by Homes. I found out that their latest was their fourth partnered effort with StarHub. I might reflect on what I learnt at that meeting another time.

So back to the point of this reflection on National Day…

Video source

The agency also shared a “making of” video that, unfortunately, does not have as many views as the main video. As I type this, the main video has 556K views while the other has 11K views. Might this indicate that we are still more interested in the finished product than in insights on the process?

Efforts like Majulah Moms are from outsourced creatives. Most behemoth organisations do not recognise their own creative elements or do not operate that way. They partner with smaller ones that can do what they cannot or will not.

Schools here do much of the same with vendors. While the vendor scene is not quite at the level of the national day videos — you need only look at the resources kids bring home — I wonder how much schools learn from their partners. Do they learn from what their partners do better than them? Do they avoid the mistakes their partners make?

We are 51-years-old. That is still young for a country. Are we humble enough to learn or are we already old farts?

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