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Leaving anniversary

Posted on: July 31, 2016

Most people celebrate happy annual events like birthdays or marriages, but not sad ones like the departure of a loved one.

I left NIE at exactly two years ago today. I removed the labels of Head of the Centre for e-Learning, lecturer, and professor.

Before leaving, I made this goodbye video (Be happy, OK?) with the help of my motley crew.

Video source

Watching the video brought a stupid grin to my face as I recalled working with a fine group of individuals.

Then again, as an independent education consultant, I smile every day now. I get to choose what work I do, which meetings to attend, and who I work with.

I might be pushing 50, but I am just two-years-old as far as renewed growth is concerned. This is because I stepped out of my comfort zone and am happier and wiser for it.

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