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Instructional design lesson from Taylor Swift’s legs

Posted on: July 23, 2016

I am taking a weekend break from ruminating on PSLE2021 [Part 1: An important undercurrent] [Part 2: The Dark Side] [Part 3: Differentiation vs granularity].

It is depressing to think about what we put kids through and to process the piecemeal change that is PSLE2021.

Video source

So I lighten my own mood with a YouTube video that carries important advice.

Instructional designers and teachers can learn something from the online fascination with Taylor Swift’s legs.

If more people seem to be interested in Tay-Tay’s legs than in climate change, what might carriers of the latter and more important message do?

The advice at the end of the video is this: Change tactics from persuasion by guilt to persuasion by charm. No one likes being nagged or told they are wrong.

This does not mean you cannot be critical or point out flaws. It does mean saying the same thing differently, e.g., with wit and charm.

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